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    The unit of profit is not always a currency.

Interim "project" management

As an interim "project" manager I use my broad knowledge, expertise and experience. 
In addition, I notice that it is an advantage that I have worked in different companies, branches and functions, and do Do's and the Dont's know. An added value (in addition to the regular assignment) that I can show and transfer within your organization are professional project management, efficiency, result orientation and passion for the profession.

Sparring partner for entrepreneurs and management

I compare entrepreneurship and managing a company with top sport (team). What is striking here is that the director or senior management does not have an assistant trainer, especially within the middle and small companies.Every top team in the sport has a good trainer but also an assistant trainer. Not that the trainer does not know, but the best comes up when there is reflection, can be spared and there is consultation.
I offer myself as an assistant trainer within the middle and small companies.

Optimizer Business processes

Optimizing processes is as old as Rome. There are countless courses, methods and tools that focus on optimization. My opinion is that innovation and continuous improvement is a must for companies to have a future. The added value that I provide in this service is that I take your employees along in this fascinating phase.

I supervise and monitor the process but together we find the causes and we think of the solutions. Teamwork, acceptance and support is a very important side result.

Agent of the unique Bonlok system 

For the Netherlands and Northern Germany, Bronsolution is the agent for the company Bonlok.

An innovative coupling to connect piping without welding.


  • Boosting efficiency and reducing installation times 
  • A combined solution for driving up quality and fixing costs
  • Cutting re-work and installation warranty costs
  • Swage technology creates a permanent 400 bar gas tight joint
  • Type approvals from multiple Class Societies
  • Rapid turnaround on installation work
  • Lower overaal cost compared to traditional alternatives
  • Smart design reduces the requirement for welding
  • Quick and easy repairs for Pit Stop style turnarounds
  • Pipe fitters can prepare and fit Bonlok joint
  • Quick and easy installation
  • On-site visual check to Ensure quality