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Agent of the unique Linx-as system 

For the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, Bronsolution is the agent for the company Linx.

An innovative coupling to connect piping without welding.


  • Boosting efficiency and reducing installation times 
  • A combined solution for driving up quality and fixing costs
  • Cutting re-work and installation warranty costs
  • Swage technology creates a permanent 400 bar gas tight joint
  • Type approvals from multiple Class Societies
  • Rapid turnaround on installation work
  • Lower overaal cost compared to traditional alternatives
  • Smart design reduces the requirement for welding
  • Quick and easy repairs for Pit Stop style turnarounds
  • Pipe fitters can prepare and fit Linx joint
  • Quick and easy installation
  • On-site visual check to Ensure quality

Video of fitting

Video of presstool

Video of the production of the Linx fitting

Video of installation of the Linx fitting