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We deliver quality maritime engineering work and project management, on time and at low cost!

Maritime engineering lends itself well to outsourcing because;

  • it is bound by strict global regulations,
  • work is carried out according to customer drawings and P&IDs (diagrams),
  • often the same global software tools are used,
  • most customers and co-makers work in one and the same 3D model,
  • engineering can be worked out with client-specific software libraries,
  • it is a digital process.

There is a big shortage of maritime engineers in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. So we let foreign maritime engineers come to the our country, because we do and want to keep the work here. These temporary immigrants have to travel a lot, live without their families, work a lot of hours, have to be trained and accompanied and and when they leave, with knowledge learned in your company, all the extra efforts starts again in a new project. 


Bronsolution and Buoyancy Consultants have joined hands to offer you a solution. Buoyancy Consultants is a very renowned maritime engineering company from the most prosperous province of India, called Goa. The company provides global engineering projects from A to Z in ship- and yachtbuilding, offshore and onshore.


Bronsolution has a lot of experience in European shipbuilding and yacht building and is focused on project management. The cooperation between Bronsolution and Buoyancy Consultants is called "social and green engineering" and offers a solution for the shortage of maritime engineers in Western Europe. The basis of "social and green engineering" is that employees are not taken to the work, but the work to the employees. In this way, extra costs and environmental impact are prevented and everyone works in his own habitat where he or she feels happy and can perform optimally.


Bronsolution is your project partner and your contact person and partner. The project is discussed in detail beforehand and the scope and demarcation are clearly defined. More we express expectations to each other. As the complete package, Bronsolution communicates the project with Buoyancy Consultants. For larger projects, Bronsolution and Buoyancy consultants will clearly discuss the project. The project was then carried out locally at Buoyancy consultants. You can open the project in real time via the e-browser and an open project management system. Bronsolution will visit you for discussions, discussions, progress discussions, etc. Bronsolution you the drawings package.

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