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After being technically and professionally trained, I have almost 30 years experience in technical companies, from project engineer to Technical Director. A red line in my career is entrepreneurship, teamwork, innovation and continuous improvement. I did this within several companies (including my own companies), in different branches and functions.

The assignment

The success of an assignment is determined at the beginning. By clearly articulating each other's expectations, properly describing and recording the assignment (scope). In addition, the client and I must both be convinced and have the confidence that my efforts and added value will contribute to the desired success.

A fresh look

I have no history with your company. The people, culture, processes, production, organization, policy, vision, techniques, everything is new. This allows me to see things that others overlook (business blindness). I can think outside the box. And find new solutions to old problems.

Passion for my profession

I get the most satisfaction from achieving an assignment objective together. In addition, I want to leave something behind that the company can continue with, or to provide added value.